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Welcome to the homepage of DL8ZAJ. Here you will find information about the shortwave / VHF / UHF / SHF Amateur Radio Station DL8ZAJ in Hanau 50°. 08'.420 N, 008°.54'. 773 E. Loc.: JO40KD. You will also find information about my profession, my hometown and aspects of amateur and radioastronomy. There is also a chapter about Götting tranceivers.


My Rig on Shortwave

My Rig on VHF / UHF / SHF

Some Information on Götting Tranceivers (In German)

My Results on the different Bands

My new project: A Elecraft KX1 QRP Tranceiver

My profession

Information about my Hometown Hanau

My other interests

Links to some interesting Amateur Radio Pages 

Are we alone?


Ham Radio Apps (Applications) for the Apple Iphone  


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