The Elecraft KX1

I did built a couble of QRP tranceivers all of them monoband, or even monoband monofrequency (Rockmite) rigs. What i now was searching for was a Rig that covered at least 2 bands was easy to carry and no "Birdfood" (SMD) on the PC board. After long research on the internet and after i saw the Elecraft KX1 in real at the Ham Radio fair 2004 in Friedrichshafen i decided to get a Elecraft KX1 QRP tranceiver kit. In Germany it is sold by QPRProject in Berlin and comes with an German manual. This tranceiver covers 2 bands (40 and 20 meters (with a optinal board even 30 meters)), comes with an optional ATU and is super small with 6 "AA" Batteries inside for powersupply. And the SMD parts of the PC board are presoldered by Elecraft.

I decided to get the "full treatment" with all the units: the tranceiver itself, the 30 meter unit, the automatic tuner (ATU) and the keypaddle whitch can be screwed to the front of the rig.

The kit came 2 days after i orderd it in Berlin and i started soldering the same day. Here are some pictures of how the project grew in only a few days.

The empty board on my workshelf

The logic unit is ready to run

Just before the first QSO

Here is a list of worked DXCC with the KX1:

DL DJ5CU 4.IX.2004 40 m Wire portable
G G4NVP 16.VIII. 2004 20 m 3 ele
R R6SRR 4.IX.2004 20 m Wire portable
SM SM/DL6FBK 18.VIII 2004 40 m LW
SV0 SV0XAO 16.VIII. 2004 20 m 3 ele in Pileup
TA TA4EB 31.VIII.2004 20 m 3 ele 1st QSO outside EU
YO YO7AHR 16.VIII. 2004 20 m 3 ele
YU YT80AT 4.IX.2004 20 m Wire portable

List not up to date any more!